By warning Scotland not to allow their confidence turn into complacency, Eddie Jones has ignited the Calcutta Cup fuse.

In less than a week’s time, the teams would head out to Twickenham on Sunday. The match is expected to be a major deciding factor in the outcome of the Six Nations Championship

Where Scotland can pull off a confident win at Twickenham, they would be heading home with their first win at the Twickenham since 1983. They go into the round four with the knowledge that they can make some major shakeup in the contest for the title, win the Triple Crown and shatter England’s hopes of a Grand Slam.

The opening weekend of the competition saw the Scottish team prevail over Ireland, while also defeating Wales last Saturday in a 29-13 victory. Since then, the confidence level of the team has been on the rise. However, they would be facing an England side recently coming away from their not so great experience against Italy last week Sunday.

Eddie Jones, England’s Coach has been strongly critical of Italy’s defensive tactics ever since the match but was around to warn Scotland that for a large part of two weeks, they would have to carry the weight of a nation.

After their Sunday defeat of Italy, Jones said; “Well they expect to win don’t they? They are talking about they are on a roll and when you say you are on a roll you are pretty confident. I don’t think you’ve ever heard me say we’re on a roll. I think we’ve won, how many, 17 games in a row and we’re not on a roll. We want to keep the Calcutta Cup here.”

Jones has also said that he does not expect Scotland to employ same tactics as Italy did, given that they perform better without the underhand defensive system.

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